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Cleaning Cartridges for Epson Desktop Printers

Cleaning cartridges for Epson desk top printers use our powerful Dead Head cleaning fluid that is specially formulated to flush out inkjet inks and dissolve dried ink deposits. Designed to clean both aqueous pigment and dye based inks, cleaning cartridges are used in a printer just like a normal cartridge and can be used for several purposes:- 

Unblocking clogged print heads – By using a printer’s built-in initial fill routine or by running cleaning cycles, a printer can be loaded with cleaning fluid to help dissolve stubborn head clogs. Leaving the printer over night to soak with cleaning cartridges installed has proven to be 95% effective in restoring clogged jets.

Long term printer storage – Cleaning cartridges are a perfect method for protecting a printer during extended periods of non-use, or for long term printer storage. Once a machine has been filled with cleaning fluid, it can be left indefinitely without the fear that the print heads will dry out and need replacing. When the printer is ready to be used again, simply remove the cleaning cartridges, re-install ink cartridges, and run an initial fill routine or multiple cleaning cycles to refill the ink system.

Changing ink types – cleaning cartridges provide a great method for flushing a printer when switching ink types. Many commonly used aqueous inks such as dye, pigment and sublimation cannot be mixed with each other and will gel or thicken if installed directly in a used printer. This can lead to sever print head clogging. Using cleaning cartridges in a printer before installing the new ink type will remove the previous ink from the machine’s ink system prior to installation of the new ink, and prevent cross contamination between the two ink types.

Regular printer maintenance – Using cleaning cartridges on a printer every six months to a year will help maintain the printer in top condition. Cleaning cartridges will remove dried ink deposits and ink resin build up from all components in a printer’s ink system including the print head, dampers, capping station, wiper blade, and cleaning pump.

To use cleaning cartridges on Epson desk top printers, the filled cleaning cartridges are installed and then prints are produced onto scrap paper until the printed output goes clear, indicating that all ink has been cleaned from the ink system. Leaving the printer to soak overnight will allow the cleaning fluid to dissolve any dried ink deposits in clogged jets. The next day, the cleaning cartridges are removed and replaced with inks cartridges, and cleaning cycles are run until a good nozzle check print is produced.

Cleaning cartridges for desk top printers are refillable and so can be used many times. They are supplied empty and the Dead Head cleaning fluid must be ordered separately in the size required. For most desk top models, a 4 oz bottle of cleaner is adequate to fill a complete set of cartridges. For the Epson Photo R3000 and Surecolor P600, you will need an 8 oz bottle of cleaner to completely fill a set of cartridges. The cartridges come with auto reset chips fitted so they can be refilled many times. Filling syringes and instructions are included.

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