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Sublim8 gloss Clear aluminum

  • Provide great color density and sharp vibrant images.clear-panels-group-300w.jpg
  • Brighter white than competitive panels.
  • Incorporates a UV protective top layer for industry leading fade resistance.
  • Will not yellow over time.
  • 30% savings over other aluminum photo panels.
  • Available in gloss white and gloss clear with 1/8” radius corners.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.

Sublim8 aluminum sublimation photo blanks are the perfect way to present a photographic image using sublimation inks. These panels provide a depth of color that is hard to produce using regular inkjet inks and photo papers, and are very scratch and fade resistant. There is also no need to top coat or laminate – finished prints can be displayed indoors or outdoors without protection, and will last for years without fading. For customers in the award or trophy business, then Sublim8 panels are an ideal way of making full color plaques.

Producing a print with Sublim8 sublimation photo blanks takes less than 2 minutes and panels can be directly wall or table top displayed using our InSight standoff self-adhesive mounting blocks and easel back desk top stands.

Clear Gloss Sublim8 aluminum Sublimation Photo Panels

These panels have a clear sublimation ink receptive surface so that the brushed aluminum base can be seen behind the print. The resulting image has an attractive metallic look and colors have a luminescence that make them really glow. They are very effective with both color and black and white images, and are also perfect for producing trophy plaques, corporate signage, and instrumentation legends. Available in all common sizes from 4” x 6” up to 16” x 24”. Custom sizes are also available – contact us on 847-827-0871 to discuss your requirements.

Usage guidelines

  1. Print your image onto sublimation paper in mirror image mode. The image should be 1/4” bigger than the panel to allow for expansion of the panel under the heat press. If you are using our Sublim8 inks and transfer paper, use the Sublim8 color profile for your printer/ink combination. If you are using other inks and papers, then use a color profile for Aluminum photo panels provided by the ink manufacturer.
  2. Remove the plastic protective film from the front surface of the Sublim8 photo panel – make sure you remove all the film. Clean the surface of the panel using paper towel and a cleaner – we recommend Isopropyl rubbing alcohol which can be obtained from any hardware or drug store.
  3. Tape the transfer paper print face down to the Sublim8 panel using heat proof tape on all four sides. Place the panel face down on your heat press so heat is applied to the rear of the panel.
  4. Use the guide below for heat settings, transfer times, and pressure settings.
  5. Remove transfer paper from panel immediately after pressing.

Below are the guidelines for press settings using Sublim8 photo panels. These are guidelines only and the temp, time, and pressure settings can vary dependent on the press, ink, transfer paper, and printer used. After transfer, if you see some mottling in solid colors then this is an indication that more temperature or transfer time is needed. If you see defects in the gloss surface or matting out of the surface, then this indicates that the temperature is too high or too much pressure is being used. The settings below are what we have found work well using Sublim8 sublimation inks and paper.

Panels up to 8” x 12” – 370 F for 60 seconds under light to medium pressure (20 lbs)

Panels from 11” x 14” to 16” x 20” – 380 F for 60 seconds under medium Pressure (22 lbs)

Panels bigger than 16” x 20” – 390 F for 60 seconds under medium to high pressure (24 – 30 lbs)

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