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For Epson SureColor T Series

The Epson SureColor T series are perfect printers for wide format sublimation printing - 4  color, fast, and a lower cost compared to OEM sublimation printers. Setting up a T Series printer with a Sublim8 refillable cartridge kit and bulk Sublim8 inks turns the machine into real sublimation workhorse, and provides a similar print quality, print speed, and running cost as an Epson SureColor F Series but at a much lower initial purchase price.

The Sublim8 Refillable cartridge kit for the Epson SureColor T Series printers includes a set of refillable 700 ml cartridges, filling funnels, and instructions. The Kit comes with a full set of 4 x 500 ml bottles of Sublim8 V1 dye sublimation ink (C, M, Y, K,) along with a 500 ml bottle of Sublim8 cleaning fluid for use in the non-active black channel - sublimation printing does not need a separate Photo Black and Matte Black ink, so the cleaning fluid is used on the redundant black cartridge to keep the print head in good working order. We recommend installing the Sublim8 black ink in the Photo Black cartridge and the cleaning fluid in Matte Black cartridge.

The refillable cartridges for the T Series are fitted with ink level monitor chips that are programmed for 700 ml of ink use. The chips are replaceable and need swapping out for new chips after 700 ml of ink has been used in a cartridge. Replacing a cartridge chip is very simple and takes a matter of seconds. Spare refillable cartridges and replacement cartridge chips can be found by clicking on the links below.

Printer clean out

If you are installing Sublim8 inks on a brand new printer, then no printer clean out is required - simply install the Sublim8 inks from new. If your printer has been running Epson original inks or another type of sublimation ink, we recommend flushing the printer before installing Sublim8 inks. This will prevent reactions between ink types which can lead to nozzle clogging and color issues. We supply our Sublim8 cleaning fluid for this purpose, which can be purchased in ready to use cleaning cartridges, or in bulk bottles for use in the refillable cartridges before you install the Sublim8 inks - click here for details on our Sublim8 cleaner. Cleaning a printer is a simple operation using the machine's built in 'initial fill' routine and we provide instructions on this procedure in our sublimation support section.

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