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Sublim8 cleaning fluid for sublimation inks

Sublim8 cleaning fluid can be used for three purposes:-

  • If you are converting an existing printer from regular inkjet inks to sublimation inks, or from one another type of sublimation ink to our Sublim8 sublimation inks, then we strongly recommend using Sublim8 cleaner in the printer first to remove the existing ink from the printer’s ink system. This will eliminate any cross contamination between the two ink types which can lead to jet clogging and color issues.
  • To unblock clogged jets on sublimation printers. The formulation of Sublim8 cleaning fluid is very good at rapidly dissolving the resins used in sublimation inks. Running Sublim8 cleaning fluid through a sublimation printer normally unclogs dried out or blocked print heads.
  • As a regular maintenance tool on sublimation printers to keep them in good working order. Running Sublim8 cleaning fluid through a printer’s ink system will help remove dried ink deposits from the print head, dampers, capping station, wiper blade, and flush box.

Sublim8 cleaning fluid bulk bottles

Supplied in 4 oz, 8 oz, 500 ml, and 1 liter bottle sizes, Sublim8 bulk cleaner can be used in existing refillable cartridge set ups or bulk ink feed systems. The process for use is pretty simple:- 

  1. Drain all ink from the refillable cartridges or bulk ink feed system.
  2. Fill the refillable cartridges with Sublim8 cleaner and run an initial fill routine or power cleaning cycles to fill the printer’s ink system with cleaning fluid – running a nozzle check print that shows no color indicates that the cleaner has reached through to the print head.
  3. Let the printer stand for a few hours or preferably overnight to allow the cleaning fluid to dissolve any dried ink.
  4. Drain the cleaner from the refillable cartridges or bulk ink system, and refill with ink.
  5. Run an initial fill routine or power cleans to re-prime the printer’s ink system with ink. 

These steps are explained in more detail in our printer cleaning guides on our Sublimation support pages.


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